Flickr Gallery for Hastings Arrow

Just a short post to let you know that I’ve added a link to a photo gallery of the pavement and pedestrian zone cycling in Hastings.

You may also find some shopping trolleys from Morrisons which I find littering the pavements everywhere I go.  I wrote to them about the mess their trolley’s are making but got the familiar no response.  I may right a short post at some point as my letter also asked them to sign their grounds with no-cycling signs.

I’m trying to create some order in the gallery but it’s going to take time as I’m trying out strategies and medicines to see if I can type for longer and finish all the posts I’ve started.  I started to tag and name the photos but it got too much and I’m not sure how important that action is.  The pictures speak volumes themselves.


Here’s a direct link just for this post.



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