Antisocial Cycling in Hastings – I’m injured by a cyclist again.

Opposire Morrison's bus-stop, Queens Road, Hastings where I get hit by a bike again.

Above:  Scene of the crime, part 3 – Antisocial cycling in Queens Road, Hastings.  I was taking a photo of the cyclist you can hopefully see on the pavement ahead.  The foreground is exactly where I was hit again.

Hello all,

If your reading this in any kind of order then guess what…Yep, I got hit again.

For those who are reading out of order, here’s part 1: click this writing!

So yep, I was hit again towards the end of 2015.  A cyclist on a mountain bike collided with me, opposite the bus stop by Morrison’s (on Morrison’s side).  He was too quick for me.  I could see him coming from a distance and thought I’d given him enough room but as he got closer, I realised he was going to collide with me.  He made no attempt to slow down and thus the cycle-tango ensued, my dance partner flubbing his role and leaving me to take the full weight of his body and bike.

The usual angry, articulations ensued from this dangerous, speeding pavement cycler and continued as he rode off.  The usual badly in pain, limping home, 3 weeks of recovery all over again.

But remember…the perception of the risk (#) is far greater than the risk of collision itself.

(#) of being hit by a bike.  Source: Hastings Observer

I am deliberately keeping this a short post.  I’m sure you have little interest in the fine details.  And I will be constructing one, possibly many posts on Queen’s Road in the future.  I’m limited on how far I can walk so I tend to write about a very small area, though when I travel in someone’s car or talk with people about the problems they see elsewhere, I realise that I could be writing about many places.

I want to finish up my story soon and start to get up my photographic evidence of the problems areas and issues and show how an awful lot could have been done very simply, to at the very least reduce the scale of the problem we have and how the issue has been ignored, rather than dealt with.

Let’s end on a photo!  I was taking the shot of the guy in the distance (top photo – oh for a decent zoom!) when the familiar whirr of a pair of close tyres arose behind me.  As I lifted my camera, he made a quick move to the road.  The road was quiet so he was in no danger of being hit by traffic.

Cyclist on the pavement, Queens Road, Hastings. (antisocial-cycling)

Above:  This guy was less of a nuisance than some because I pointed my camera at him.  The roads were quiet so no excuses for this antisocial behaviour.

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